Biking Group

On Mondays, the MEL/GEL/SEL, are the "Long Riders" as they normally ride 30 to 35 miles, but, that ride is usually broken up with a coffee spot and lunch at the end, or near end, of the ride. They start from different location, but, quite often from the Botanical Gardens. Biker Bill from MEL is in charge, his contact information is, 312- If you are interested, contact Bill and he will put you on his email distribution use and will email you every week with details.

If you are interested in shorter rides there is a GEL group that rides on Thursday mornings at 9:30 am. Shelly Goldstein,, 847-404-3478, h 847-272-4253. They normally do about 12 to 14 miles.

Contact Shelly if you are interested.

Book Group

The Book Group meets the 3rd Friday of every month at 1:30pm - 3:00PM in the Deerfield Public Library. The Co-Leaders are Sal Sidoti, , 847-383-5460 and Ron Epstein,  Watch for emails..


Breakfast Club Group

The group meets every Thursday at the Butterfield’s 4195udee in Northbrook. Meeting time is 9:00 AM. Included with breakfast is discussion of various topics which are generated by the attendees. For further information contact Nate Kohn  Sal Sidoti. Sal's email is Watch for emails.


Bridge Group

A lunch and bridge game is held every Thursday at Pavilion Restaurant in Northbrook. On alternate weeks, the Group plays at Embassy Suites. Bill has also made an arrangement for an experienced player to provide instruction for beginning players. Leader Bill Mendal,  847- 478-5445


Canasta Group

The Group meets each Monday at the Warehouse 833 Deerfield Rd, Deerfield IL. Play starts at 11am and breaks for lunch at Noon. Play continues until 3 PM. Contact Sal Sidoti or Mike Stein Watch for emails. 


Computer Group

The Computer Group meets in a format different from its previous lecture and demonstration approach. Now the approach is more informal and focused with fewer participants either at the home of the Group Leader or at one of the participants’ home. The topics can be either one developed and solicited by one or more members or proposed to the membership by the Group Leader. Emails regarding the planned sessions will be sent to all SEL members who checked in their membership record that the Computer is an area of interest. Among the topics that could be considered are the following:

Sessions will be on an ad hoc basis. In other words, when one or more SEL members want to have a session on a particular computer topic they will contact the Group Leader and arrange for a date, time and place to meet. For further information and to set up a session contact: Larry Rosenthal, Group Leader ,    telephone # 847-577-6543


Discussion Group

The group meets the fourth Tuesday of the month either at the Northbrook Library or Northbrook Village Hall at 10:00 AM. It is an open discussion session. The planning team usually decides on topics to open the discussion if none come forth from the participants. Men’s health issues are not encouraged for discussion.


Ethnic Lunch

The lunch takes place on the fourth Monday of the month at a different location each month. Generally lunch begins at 12:00 Noon. The Group Leader is Bernie Petchenik         


Gin Rummy Group

Games are played every Friday at Pavillion Restaurant at 577 Waukegan Road, Northbrook IL 60062, 847-715-9440.. The Group meets at 11:00 am, brakes for lunch at Noon and then plays till 3-3:00 PM. Stakes are low and everybody has an enjoyable afternoon. If you do not want to eat lunch at the restaurant there is a $5.00 cover charge which includes soft drinks.

For further information contact Herb Braidman at or by telephone. The number is 224-628-3291.


Golf Group

We are planning to start our season in mid-April or early May at Chevy Chase Country Club. It will depend on the weather. The program for 2017 will be as follows:

- Players Card

- $30 to get the Card

- Allows $5 off greens fee, any day all year long

- Still get points as normal

- Senior rate in 2017 is again $48. If you have the Card you pay $43

Cards can be purchased online.  

When the weather warms up (probably later in June) starting time will change to 7:30 am. If you are interested please get back to me. I will inform you of the groups, and the respective tee time sometime during the last week of April Contact Leader Harvey Gilden, , 847-831-3127


Golf Nine Hole

This group is being is for those who are interested in playing nine holes per round. Dates and times are now being worked out. For more information contact Don Manoff. His email address is His telephone number is 847-272-2238. 


Hearts Card Game Group

Games are played on the first and third Monday of each month at Allgauer's restaurant at 2855 Milwaukee AV, Northbrook IL 60062. The phone number is 847-664-7999. The Group meets at 11:00 am, breaks for lunch at Noon and then plays cards until 3-3:30 pm. The games are played for fun. There is no money involved. If you do not want to eat lunch at the restaurant there is a $5.00 cover charge which includes soft drinks.

For further information contact Herb Braidman at or by telephone. The number is 224-628-3291.


Investment Group

The Group meets third Monday of the month at the Northbrook Village Hall 10:00 A.M.  The purpose is to provide investment knowledge in areas of interest to the participants. For further information, contact Lenny Goldstein, or by telephone at 847-275-7454.


Movie Group

The Group meets every Wednesday for lunch and a movie that your wife or significant other would not want to see.on Fridays of the month. First we have lunch and then the movie. The Co-Leaders are Sal Sidoti and Nate Kohn Watch for emails. emails


Poker Group

The poker group meets weekly every Tuesday except the third Tuesday of the month. The games begin at 12:30 pm and continue to 3:30 pm. All games are at the Jewish Community Center adjacent at the end of Revere Drive (off Lake Cook Road just west of Skokie Road) in Northbrook. We usually have 20 to 25 players divided into two games. One is Seven Card Stud with the high hand claiming the pot. The other game is a high-low split pot game with 2 winners. Stakes are low in both games (nickel-dime to quarter-half). There is a $2.00 fee per person to play in the game and that money is given as a contribution by SEL to the Jewish Community Center. The participants have fun. No one wins or loses significant money. When we do not play on the third Tuesday, we usually have an alternate makeup game on Wednesday of that week. Notices are sent out weekly as reminders of the game. If there are questions, please contact Stephen Leapman, MD at or call 317-442-9335 (c) or 847- 715-9526 (h) 


Pre General Meeting Lunch Group

This group meets prior to the monthly SEL meeting at a site that is determined for each meeting date. If you have an interest in participating in this group please make sure you check this Interest area in your member profile. For further information contact Herb Braidman. His email is


Pre-Poker Lunch Group

This group meets prior to the poker game at a site that is determined by the Group Leader. If you have an interest in participating in this group please make sure you check this Interest area in your member profile. For further information contact Herb Braidman. His email is


Support Group

This group was formed to assist members who are in need emotionally. The group is a "talk" group in which members have some difficulty in their lives can talk through these issues or problems through to a conclusion. The group meets on an "as needed" basis. For further information contact:  Marshall Wolf    847-509-0562


Target Shooting Group

The SEL Shooting Group is comprised of SEL members who have expressed interest in targeting shooting. Even though target shooting is an individual activity, it can be combined with breakfast/lunch and a discussion of shooting related items. Currently there are only two shooting ranges in the immediate vicinity. One is located in Des Plaines and the other in Gurnee. The range selection is dependent upon the needs of the individual shooters. Both ranges require at a minimum a valid FOID card issued by the Illinois State Police. The application is available at their website. For further information contact: Mike Jacobson, Group Leader


Water Volley Ball Group

This is a combined MEL/GEL/SEL activity. Meets every Wednesday at Northbrook JCC at 1:00PM


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