Who We Are

Monthly Speaker

Types of Activities

  • Book discussions books are selected by the group.

  • Card playing such as poker, gin and bridge.

  • Movies seeing movies of general interest to the participants.

  • Personal discussion group on issues of interest to senior men such as political topics, history, family relationships, and others etc.

  • Physical activities such as golf (18 holes), biking (long and short trips), lineball (baseball without running) and water volleyball.

  • Skill development such as photography and computer usage.

Proposed Activities

  • Musical performance.

  • Discussion groups on public policy, current events, historical events, nine (9) hole golf etc.

SEL is a nonsectarian, social organization of active senior men who are retired or semi-retired from their careers and want to participate in opportunities, camaraderie and individual growth through participation in varied activities and increased social contacts. Meetings and activities usually take place in, but are not limited, to the North Suburbs of Chicago.

Members will need access to email and the internet as this is our primary means for communication.

SEL encourages and supports activities that one or more members may initiate. Each activity is the responsibility of the member who introduces it (or his successors) and he is expected to carry it through to implementation (with whatever help he obtains from others). SEL leaders will provide guidance and help in group startup, as needed.

Additional activities will be started based on member ideas and interests.

Members come from a wide variety of work backgrounds including teachers, engineers, lawyers, managers, delivery personnel, retailers, business owners, doctors, accountants, salesmen and many others.

When SEL reaches its size limit, as approved by the SEL Board, a waiting list is created. Periodically the Board reviews the Waiting List and determines to increase the size limits of the group to accommodate more men. Anyone who is interested in joining SEL should click to Apply to Join and complete the application.

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